how to wear an ostomy belt by stealth belt

This video,, can also be seen at Vertical Stingray Stealth Belt is a custom made ostomy support belt which allows the ostomy appliance to be worn vertically. Those with Urostomies, watery output, or who simply like wearing their ostomies vertically can benefit from the vertical stingrays stealth Belt, top handmade ostomy support belts and wraps made in the USA. Our colostomy belts allow you to live your life to the fullest – every day.. lingerie, or undergarment wear, provide a perfect to match your intimacy apparel. Custom Ostomy Support Wrap See more. Awestomy.However, just because you have to wear an ostomy kit doesn’t mean you need to suffer needlessly. ostomy belts and ostomy wraps can help. The Stealth Belt, for example, is made from highly breathable, flexible and supportive material that moves with you, contouring to the shape of your body as you move about.I was told by my ostomy nurse post op to wear a Convatec ostomy belt all the time. This is the kind that clips to the pouch. I have a skin "dip" very close to the opening and the belt pulls it flatter to try and protect the skin there.PouchWear Ostomy Belts will fully enclose your ostomy bag to provide discretion under clothing, all with a convenient, quick & easy, flip out pocket for drainage. Choose from seamless horizontal or vertical ostomy wear and get the best ostomy belt available.Ostomy Belt Review Now that I have been working out, I have found that keeping the bad where its supposed to be and keeping it secure is a bit of an issue. There are a boat load of belts and other systems to keep your bag in place and I have used a few of them but I also know of a few others.The stealth belt is the best support Belt product out there and the best part is is a low profile so you can wear just about anything." Incredibly happy with my stealth belts. I had my ostomy surgery less than 6 months ago and now have two stealth belt pros that I wear almost 24/7.